Software Engineering

Danesh Electronics's software development team always strives to stay abreast of the latest technological innovations and advancements therefore ensuring that the product answers the customer's needs for the short and long-terms.

Although it mainly focuses on and prefers the use of Java for C/S projects it is nonetheless equally versed in C C++ Assembly Delphi/Pascal and Foxpro languages. The type and cost of the application usually determines the programming language used.


Client/Server applications are to be found in almost every company which has a local area network (LAN). It mainly consists of clients (i.e. workstations) on a network accessing information at a central location (i.e. server). C/S apps usually consist of access to a database information processing ... Examples: call centers company accounting/inventory/HR/... databases fincancial institutions/transactions directories ...

  • Database C/S: Principally SQL programming (Oracle Microsoft Informix Sybase). Client is MS-Windows or Java based (applets).
  • Other: Server-side java apps and java servlets. Client is MS-Windows or Java based (applets).

Contact us for your specific requirements.

Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Danesh Electronics provides solutions for the retail industry. There are principally four different types of solutions for four very different type of customers.

  • Small: Mostly just a receipt/invoicing system with some inventory control.
  • Medium: A complete accounting/inventory/payroll/... system. A desktop-one-system-only solution.
  • Large: A complete accounting/inventory/payroll/... system in a networked environment (ie. multiple clients ...).
  • Multi-Branch: A geographically distributed system where each POP (point of presence) is in permanent connection with the central server via a VPN (virtual private network). Very useful when headquarter management wants to control stock pricing and view real-time sales for each branch ....

POS software is tailored to work with POS-specific hardware such as: receipt printers (dot-matrix and thermal) touch screens barcode scanners credit-card readers cash registers ...

Contact us for your specific requirements.


Danesh Electronics has over 10 years of software development experience in Middle-Eastern languages (i.e. Arabic Persian) not to mention also almost all Latin-script languages.

All our products (software and hardware) can be internationalized (localized) to the language of choice.

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Client/Server Java Applications

All solutions hereunder listed have the following qualities:

  1. No prior downloading necessary (no fonts no plug-ins no software ... whatsoever).
  2. Just need a Java-capable browser such as Netscape Navigator 3 (or higher) or Microsoft Explorer 4 (or higher).
  • Email: First and only true Java-based Email solution. Available in Arabic and Persian.
  • Chat: First and only true Java-based Chat solution. Available in Arabic and Persian.
  • Newsgroups/Forums: First and only true Java-based Newsgroups solution. Available in Arabic and Persian.
  • Dictionary: First and only true Java-based English-Persian dictionary with 65 000+ entries.
  • Wordprocessor: In the works.
  • Persian Calligraphy: In the works.


  • Dânesh Négâr: DOS-based persian-language full-featured wordprocessor. First wordprocessor capable of Nastaligh (1994) and Shekasteh-ye-Nastaligh (1996) calligraphy (scalable). A graphical C/S version is in the works.

Font Design

  • Printer Fonts: Bitmap fonts for 9-pin 24-pin dot-matrix and HP LaserJet printers. PCL5/HPGL2 scalable fonts for HP Laserjet III (and higher) printers (AGFA Compugraphic/Intellifont).
  • Screen Fonts: Hercules/Monochrome video-card fonts (ROM based). EGA/VGA downloadable fonts.
  • TrueType Fonts
  • Postscript Fonts

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